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If you're looking for something unique compared to 100's of other Traffic Exchanges on offer, look no further....
FreeHits4u is not just a Traffic Exchange, its a business opportunity to build a regular income just for referring new members. We pay you for every new member that completes account validation.
Get started today and start promoting to be rewarded between $1 and $1.75 when any new viewer signs up using your referral ID *.



Every day hundreds of new people join traffic exchanges / Advertising viewers..

How much money have you lost by getting referrals for your other TE's for nothing. 

 is a member comes 1st Ad views platform, as without our members, there is no .



We have spent over the years, thousands on using other advertising avenues to advertise for us All with varying degrees of success and failure, so we decided to give those monies back to our members and make using  an income opportunity / small business as well.

Like the old saying "Invest at home", welcome to our home, the doors are always open


For those wishing to make an honest income, using our State of Art, advertising platform to show your websites, square banners, banners and text Ads to other like minded members

is the right place for you.

Join us and be part of a system that allows you to earn both Ad view credits plus Money from your promotional efforts. With our simple Click and View System you earn Ad View credits every time you visit another member's webpage.

Get Started Today!

Don't let this opportunity pass you by....


Need to know more?

Whem you have completed your 100 Ad views to trigger your sponsors new member sign up reward, you will also receive 200 credits to get you going.
It costs nothing to join  , but we give you the option to increase your regular income with very reasonably priced upgrade options and in general below other Traffic Exchange pricing ranges. We also give you flexibility of your account even as a FREE member with our BOOSTer options. Change your Surf Ratio, Surf Timer and choose your Commission percentage for your commissions received from your Level 1 and Level 2 new members...

FREE Members
Receive $1.00 for each new sign up
Monthly Member
Receive $1.10 for each new sign up
Yearly Members
Receive $1.25 for each new sign up
Life Members
Receive $1.75 for each new sign up

The benefits of a simple Upgrade

  • Reduce the amount of time needed building up your Ad view tokens.
  • Increased Ad view tokens automatically added to your account on a monthly basis.
  • Increased amount received for new member sign ups under your ID
  • Increased commission payments for every referral (Level 1) and their referrals (Level 1, your Level 2), that makes any purchase of Upgrades, Credits, BOOSTers etc...
  • Increased number of websites, square banners (125x125), banners (468x60) and text Ads your be able to add to promote.

​Plus much much more....

We are not all serious, we love our Team Surfing competitions, Cross Promotions with other Traffic Exchanges, monthly monetary / credits / impressions competitions, surf chat with other members and Percy $trings (Support Leader).
We haven't stopped at the standard Tools you can use, Splash Page maker, HTML Code Editor, Image Resizer, swap your commissions for higher rate when you transfer to your Piggy Bank to use for purchases...

We could carry on all day, you have to see for yourself what you have been missing before...

Our Motto: We reach our goals by making sure you reach yours...


We reward you for your hard work by making it worthwhile.
Keep increasing the amount of new sign ups you have = possible extra income received each month.
* Due to unfavourable cheaters, new members must complete 100 Ad views for sign up rewards to be added to your account. If your not a cheater and want to make an extra income, you have nothing to worry about. We give you the tools to contact your Downline so you can ask why they haven't completed a simple task of 100 Ad Views  

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